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On Mar 29, 2022

Jiffy are one of the best and well known brands in the hydroponics industry, best known for their propagation plugs – Jiffy’s range of peat and coco pellets have been around for a long time and are hugely popular among commercial growers. Both the Jiffy pro7 soils and coco are flying out the door here at Edinburgh organics and Progrow Scotland with all our customers giving great reviews and always coming back for more!

The Jiffy Pro7 takes this approach to quality and value. Everything in the Pro7 range is fully RHP certified – a certificate that is used in the professional horticultural industry as a badge of honour and a mark of quality. This also means that all mediums have been thoroughly tested and steam cleaned to confirm 100% consistency with PH and EC readings. Allowing growers to select media that will produce bigger, better and healthier plants from added beneficial microbes.


  • •Strong, rapid rooting through low EC value and optimal air to water ratio.•Charged to kickstart microbial life.•Builds Plant strength and resilience .•Low EC, pre-fertilised for one week for a fast start. •Use for all phases of your plant’s growth, rooting, growing and blooming.•Use indoors or outdoors, with hand watering or irrigation systems. •Produced under RHP standards
  • Only a minimal amount of nutrients have been added to PRO7 Lightmix – pre-set at an EC of ±0.5, with trace elements and lime; designed to get the vital micro activity going to act as a catalysts that jump starts root development leading to strong, high performing plants. The addition of trace elements and chelates ensures your plants get exactly what they need in their first week and the perfect basis to fertilise according to your own judgement.
  • pH is set at 5.8, which is optimum for nutrient availability to the plant; the special blend of peats that we use produces a self-regulating system, reduces large pH swings.
  • Giving your precious plants the best start in life with PRO7 LIGHTMIX will not only ensure you have optimum growth and flowering, it will also enable them to better resist disease and attacks from pests, ensuring you have a bumper harvest



•100% Pith, Completely buffered substrate with stable pH.
• Guaranteed low EC value.
• Airy structure.
• Optimal root development.
• Peat Free.
• Premium Quality RHP washed and buffered coco.
• Low watering frequency needed.

All Jiffy Pro7 soils and coco come in 50L bags and can be found online and in both Edinburgh organics and Progrow Scotland stores.


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