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On Apr 4, 2022

Skram by maven is a great new product blended with ingredients formulated to remove insect debris and unwanted contaminants, dirt, dust, grime and pollution from the plant leaves and stems, facilitating maximum light exposure for photosynthesis. A completely organic pesticide that is non toxic and can be used up until the day of harvest.

SKRAM can be used in all mediums and hydroponics, by continuously using SKRAM at super low rates during watering will help repel insects in the growing medium while at the same time greatly eliminating biofilm on the roots. Biofilm as it forms on roots, restricts nutrients, water and oxygen from entering the roots. The reduction of oxygen from the biofilm promotes the die-off of smaller roots which in-turn attracts contaminates to the decaying matter. The continuous low-dose application of SKRAM makes the growing medium less desirable for contaminate colonization while at the same time helping plants achieve true genetic potential. While a well-developed root system is generally recognised as a good thing, the biofilm will cause the plant root system to be larger than needed, robbing energy from buds and blooms to regenerate unhealthy roots.

SKRAM deters soft body wall plant pests such as broad mite, spider mite, thrips, aphids, etc. While not affecting hard walled exoskeleton insects such as bees.

Manufactured in the UK and available in 100ml (makes up to 6 Liters), 250ml (makes up to 16 Liters), 1L (makes up to 66 Liters) 5L (makes up to 333 Liters)

How to Use:

  1. Pre-application directions:Shake or agitate the mix.
  2. Indoor Plants: Flush the growing media to reduce fertiliser levels to feed strength or below. Allow the plant to hydrate for 30 minutes, before spraying leaves and stems. Turn HID lighting down. No restrictions for fluorescent or LED lighting.
  3. Outdoor Plants: Apply to hydrated plants. Use early or late in the day. Avoid spraying at midday.

Application Directions:

Spray on and completely cover the plant leaves and stems. Use spraying equipment that lays down an even coating with a slight run-off. Skram plant wash can be used as a weekly maintenance spray at 15ml per litre of water. Signs of plant stress may be present if plant is dehydrated, dosage is too high or growing media is over-fertilised.

Normal Cleanse: Apply every 3 days to confirm optimal cleanse has been achieved. Apply every 7-10 days to maintain optimal growth of plants.

Extreme Cleanse: Spray once a day for 3 days, then once every 3 days. Observe closely when applying with multiple cleansing over long periods.

Recommended Dosage:
Standard Strength: Add 15ml to 1 litre of water.
Extra Strength: Add 30ml to 1 litre of water.
NOTE: Stronger than the recommended dose may be used with the appropriate caution taken and prior testing before the entire crop is sprayed.

Storage: DO NOT store Skram in the diluted state. Store in a cool location, away from direct sunlight. Keep bottle upright. DO NOT freeze. Use within one year of opening the container.

Maven – Skram Plant Wash | Progrow, Edinburg Organics (


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