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Get it right. Reap the rewards.

Air conditioning systems, Carbon filters, Fans, ducting and accessories, heaters and humidity control. Whatever your indoor growing environmental needs, we have it and we can give you the best of advice on how to use it properly to get the best results for you.


A colossal range.

We stock the biggest range of nutrients available in Scotland. Our range is comprehensive. All of the big players are here including BioNova, Botanicare, Dutch Pro, Canna, Advanced Nutrients and more. We also stock a Vegan range.


Automated growing systems

We stock the latest ranges of grow systems from DWC, AutoPot, NFC and Ebb and Flood along with a range of accessories like Water Tanks to help you create the perfect system for your needs. If you’re not sure what you need, just ask. ourexperts are on hand with great advice.


Our grow tents come in a wide range of shapes and sizes to fit a range of spaces – attics, Kitchens, Garages. Whatever your grow tent needs, we can help with our fabulous range of grow tents from Lite, Max and Roof Qube.


Great media makes for stronger plants.

See the full range of grow media available to buy in store and online. We stock soil, Coco, clay pebbles, rock wool and additives from leading suppliers like Ecohive, BioNova, Canna, and Gold Label. Want to know what’s the best choice for you, call us and we’ll help you work it out.


No fly by night products here.

Our Edinburgh and Livingston stores stock a full range of pest control products to deal with a range of challenges – Mites, Flies, Spiders and any other sets you wish to be free of. Check out our full range of pest control products.


We have a big of lighting options available to buy in store and online. Our range includes HPS, LED and fluorescent – from leading brands including Maxibright, Lumi and Sunblaster. We offer a full range of grow lighting and accessories, can help you work out what you need,  and deliver across the UK.


Grow like a Pro.

Measuring equipment, Environmental controls, support, sheeting, water pumps, Trimmers, Thermometers and Hygrometers, Odour control. Anything you need for indoor plants growing, we have it ready and waiting just for you. Our range of Grow room tools can’t be beaten.


Containers for plants of all sizes.

We have a massive range of pots, trays and other containers in stock in our Edinburgh ad Livingston grow shops. Choose from a great range of products including Fabric pots, Net pots, Plastic pots, and all the buckets and trays you need.


The perfect start to indoor gardening.

Give your plants the best start. Our range of indoor growing propagation equipment is impressive. From propagation kits, to root gels, powders and cubes, we stock the full range of kits and accessories from the very best brands like Root it, X-Stream Root riot and Stewart.